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Would you like to have your work featured on our site?

Would you like to gain more exposure for your writing skills on social media?

Do you have something to say that would be of interest our readers?

Great! Let’s go, but please read our guidelines below first.

What we’re looking for, and what we can do for you.

We accept articles between 1,000-1,250 words with clear headings and subheadings. If you have some knowledge about writing around SEO keywords, that would be a bonus.

You have an expertise and can offer advice in any field connected to self-publishing, whether it be writing, editing, book promotion, book marketing, book cover design, book blogging, book SEO and metadata or any other book publishing-related topic.

Our blog is evergreen, which means our articles are written to offer long term advice. Your article should be written with the thought in mind that it will be read in a year, or even two, and still offer good reading value. It will also give you long-lasting promotion.

Your article must be well-written with good grammar and accurate spelling, of course.

We will thoroughly proofread, edit and or correct your article. However, we will not publish your article until you are in full agreement and have approved our suggested alterations.

 We will give you one backlink to promote your yourself. This will be used in the opening byline, in your short bio and in the profile image at the end of your article. You can also add 2 social media links in your bio. Your article can contain a few selected external links, such as to reference sites that provide extra value for readers, but we will not add promotional links.

We will promote your article regularly, and long-term on our social media network of over half a million users, plus through our increasing organic traffic to help promote you.

Please Note Carefully:

1. Your article must be fresh content that has not been published online before.

2. We do not allow professional promotional links to a business site within the article text or in your bio. If you wish to promote a business or service on our site, please check our promotion and advertising page.

Waiting Time

We read every submission. If you send it, we read it, and we will respond as soon as humanly possible. Usually within 48 hours.

How To Get Started

Read a selection of our articles to get a feel for the voice of our blog.

Check our categories to decide on the best fit for your article ideas.

Come up with 2-3 headline topics that you think could work well.

Tell us (very, very) briefly how our readers will benefit from each of those ideas.

Send your ideas to us via the form below, along with 2 or 3 links to your previous work. (Please don’t send us complete articles!)

We will take a look at your ideas and get back to you ASAP and let you know what happens next.


Do you want to write for us?

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This page was last updated on April 20th, 2017


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