Like It Or Not, Amazon KDP Select Does Work

Amazon Kindle KDP Select Does Work

Amazon KDP Select has it lovers and haters, but…

Amazon KDP Select is probably the most discussed issue in self-publishing and has been for quite some time now.

While I am among those who dislike the necessity of having to grant Amazon exclusivity to my ebook distribution, I have to admit that it does work.

A little background first on my experience with Amazon KDP Select.

I have been in an out of KDP Select quite a few times over the years like many self-published authors have I suppose.

Each and every time I have enrolled, my ebook sales have increased.

Each and every time I have un-enrolled, my ebook sales have fallen. This is to be absolutely expected. Normal.

But what is not expected is that when I look at my ebook sales from other retailers and platforms, not one of them can provide the sales volume of Amazon when my ebooks are in Amazon KDP Select.

They do not even come close. So when I have taken my ebooks out of Amazon KDP Select, I lose a LOT of ebook sales.

Why did I take my ebooks out again then? Being an Indie author, and granting exclusivity to one retailer just do not go together on an ideological basis as I explained when I left KDPS six weeks ago.

But on a realistic, rational and let’s face it, money basis, Indie and exclusive to Amazon do have to coexist. Why?

Because of the screenshots below. After having my ebooks out of KDPS for six weeks, I returned a few of them over the last few days. Do I need to write a lot of words to describe what happened after you look at these images?

It’s not the Yellow Brick Road but look at the instantly rising orange line.

Amazon KDP Select Author Rank

Amazon KDP Select Besteller Ranking

Amazon KDP Select Mystery Author Rank

Amazon KDP Select Literary Fiction

More words needed? I didn’t think so.

Derek Haines

Derek Haines is an Australian author, living in Switzerland.

2 thoughts on “Like It Or Not, Amazon KDP Select Does Work

  • I haven’t tried KDP Select yet, so I have a few questions: 1. Have you noticed any problems with updating data in the various ebook stores as your books enter/exit/re-enter? If you recall, that was one of the things contributing to the demise of Flipkart’s partnership with Smashwords. 2. Are any of your books part of a series? I wonder what the effect might be of putting only the first book of a series into KDP Select. 3. Have any of your books ever been “perma-free” in KDP before being assigned a price and entered into Select? TIA!

    • A lot of questions, Audrey! But, here are my thoughts.

      1. No, I haven’t had any issues such as happened with Flipkart. It’s not an Amazon problem, but other retailers such as Smashwords, B&N, Apple and Kobo usually de-list ebooks within ten days.

      2. Yes, I have a couple of series and KDP Select definitely does help sales.

      3. I had a perma free ebook for a couple of years. It did ok, but nothing spectacular. However, it took a couple of months and messages to KDP to get it back as a paid ebook.


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