7 Reasons Why A Self-Published Book Fails To Sell

Getting a self-published book to sell well is not easy However, many self-published authors fail to give their books the best chance of success because they are in such a rush to publish that they overlook many of the basics. In fact, quite a lot of authors new to self-publishing clearly get so many basic things backwards, upside

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Are You A Writer, Author Or A Real Authorpreneur?

What makes an authorpreneur? Being a writer or author is one matter, but being able to promote, market, sell and profit from your writing as well, is another, and this is what often defines being an authorpreneur. While there are many writers and authors nowadays, there are relatively few true authorpreneurs. Why? Because it is a really tough business

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Selling eBooks Starts With Getting People To Click

Selling books is about gaining clicks. So how do you get people to click? Without clicks, no one is going to discover your ebook or book, so it is vitally important that when you have published your book, you start work on building a clickable trail to your book’s sales page. Of course, helping people navigate to your

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